Shipping & Delivery

International Shipping ships its goods all across the planet, whether it is the nearest place or the most distant place. However, the shipping cost just $10. You can inquire further about the shipping cost incurred in your particular city or area via our customer center.

Free Shipping to USA, Canada, & UK

We want our profits to be transferred to the customers as well and for this reason we provide Free Shipping to all our customers in the USA, Canada and the UK. As our warehouses are located in these countries, This is just to compensate for the international shipping cost.

Delivery and Shipping Time

The delivery time is the total time it takes to deliver the product to the customer after the order has been placed and confirmed. Usually, it takes no more than 10 days for order delivery, which include 2-3 days for transferring the product from the warehouse to the sales point and 5-7 days as shipping time. In Case the product is not delivered on time, so you can get back withing 25 hours.

Filmstaroutfits deal in Made-To-Order products and all the outfits in our warehouse are proceed as per the custom requirements of the customers before they are preceded to the sales point. In case of our host selling designs, which are pre-sale designs, the delivery time is reduced to 1- 2 days.